Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31: Happy Halloween/Happy Samhain!

Well this is it, the last day of NaBloWriMo, I did it, I posted every single day!

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween, or Samhain, whichever you celebrate!

Tomorrow starts something new for me, I'm going to attempt the NaNoWriMo challenge.....that's right, I'm going to try to write a novel!

NaNoWriMo works a lot like NaBloWriMo, you have to write a 50,000 word novel in one month, the month of November. I'm still going to post here on my blog as well, but writing a novel, wow, well, that's going to be a challenge!

I think I can do it, and time will tell, but either way, I'm going to try.

I'll post more about it tomorrow, but for now, everyone just wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30: It's almost the end....or could it be the beginning?

Today is the 30th day of NaBloWriMo. I haven't missed a day this month, which actually kind of surprised me. You see, I have issues with commitment. Not in relationships, mind you, but I usually have issues with committing myself to something, and then sticking with it, especially if I get bored. However, that's one thing I can say, doing this writing challenge has definitely not been boring, it's been pretty fun.

But, back to my commitment issues. In the past, I have even found ways of leaving jobs because they got tedious, even though I knew they were paying me pretty well for doing what I was doing. I never just quit and left though, I would always end up doing something like calling in sick too many times, or having such a poor work performance that they had no choice but to let me go.

I couldn't even commit myself to quitting one job to go find another. Or to look for another BEFORE I quit. I could just say that I'm lazy, but that doesn't really describe it either. It's not that simple. It's the commitment to doing something that I lack. I think part of it is that I don't see the end result of something really getting me anywhere, so I just mosey along, going through the motions, hoping that something else will come my way that IS better. I've never really put in the work it takes to really get ahead, with anything I've done.

I'm 41 years old, and have nothing to show for having lived that long. I don't own a house, I've never bought a car for anything other than a small amount of cash, I have lousy credit, and, I don't even have a bank account.

But, what kind of life COULD I have had?

Now, I know, doing the "coulda, woulda, shoulda" thing doesn't really help, but for the sake of me describing the scenario here, I need to do it. So, here's what my life has been like up to this point.

Let's see, well, for starters, at one time, I was an ASE certified Master Technician. If I had committed to making my way in that business, I could have at this point been making at least 40 thousand a year, and been doing pretty well. I started out working for a retail store that had a tire, alignment, and battery shop, making, by the time I left, about 9 dollars an hour, not bad pay back then. Then, I worked a few "quick lube" jobs, before finally landing a job at a dealership, at which, by the time I left, I was making 12 dollars an hour. But without committing myself to the REAL money to be made, I never invested in the tools I would need to get there, and I never pursued a job with better pay, thinking myself "stuck", so, I left the business entirely, thinking that a college degree would get me that "great paying" job.

Then, in 2007, I obtained an Associates degree in Network Administration (basically a degree in working on computers and computer networks), and for a time, I had a pretty good job, entry level of course, but one that paid 12 dollars an hour. If I had committed myself to working my way up in THAT business, by now I might have had a job making at least twice that, and been doing pretty well. The same thing happened though, I didn't commit to doing what it took to further my career, and I got bored, and eventually got laid off, and was forced to find an alternate form of income, as jobs in the computer industry were hard to come by, once the recession hit.

But no, as it stands, I was not committed to either career, once I saw how much work had to be done to get that far, and now, I don't work in either one. I stock shelves, at night, for less than 9 dollars an hour. And I'm basically broke, most times just a few days after payday.

But here's the thing. This writing challenge, and, a prod or two from my best friend lol, has made me realize that I have a problem, and I have decided to make some changes, to make, for once in my life, a real commitment to something.

To that end, when this month is over, and NaBloWriMo is no more, and a new month begins, I am calling it a new beginning for Perth. November will see me pushing myself more, seeing things through, and along with that, I intend to continue posting here on my blog, every day, unless it is not in my power to do so.

I find it ironic that not only is the day after tomorrow the beginning of a new month, but for us pagans, it's the start of a new year. A new year, a fresh start, this is the time to make a change. Happy Samhain to all my pagan readers!

One other thing. When I considered the circumstances of my life, and why I had chosen to NOT commit, it occurs to me that I did not truly believe in myself enough to think that I could attain the heights I was told could be achieved. So, I pretty much gave up, saying, "What's the use, I'll never get there anyway.....".

That attitude never got me anywhere, and it never got me anything. Yet I still stood there hoping and wishing something would just fall in my lap, and everything would work out in my favor, and I'd finally be successful, have enough money to be comfortable, and be happy.

The world doesn't work that way. You have to have goals, and commit yourself to getting them accomplished, or you will be just like me, drifting from career to career, but never making anything of yourself.

So yes, there's one more day. One more day that I am "required" to post something. And yes, while I am happy that I committed myself to doing it, and have done so, I feel I can do more. I know I can make this a daily habit, for the foreseeable future, and I intend to do so.

Just one commitment, that may seem pretty small, but for me, it's a huge one, and there will be more to follow. I know there are many places I can go, things that I can achieve, but it's going to take commitment.

Oh, and tomorrow, I am going to announce something, well, make something official anyway, that I mentioned in passing a few days ago, but, in keeping with this new commitment initiative, I think it will be a good test of my mettle. It will be a very big challenge, because it's something I've never done before, but I intend to complete it.

Be sure to "tune in" tomorrow to find out what it is!

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 29: Tomorrow morning, I vote

Hi folks, only 2 days left in the month's been a fun ride. I still want to continue posting however, every day, and I think I will.....I'd feel weird not doing it, now that I've gotten into the habit.

Tomorrow morning after I get off work I am going to the polls for early voting, so I don't have to try to beat the crowds on election day. I'm not going to mention here anything about who or what I am voting for, because I feel that it's a personal choice, and I'd rather not talk about it, that way, I do not affect anyone else's decision. I highly recommend going and voting, even if you've never done it before (just make sure you are indeed registered to vote first lol), because every vote does count.

A lot of people say, "What does one vote matter?", but that's just the thing, there are a LOT of people that say that, and that means something. You're not the only one. All those people that don't vote because they think one vote doesn't matter add up to lots of votes, votes that DO matter. So go out and vote, either early, like I am, or on election day, whichever you choose.

Ok, time to get down off my soap box and get ready to go to work lol.

I hope everyone has a great evening, and also, my prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, may  you all be safe.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 28: Do nothing Day

Today was just a do nothing day. Lay around in bed and do nothing all day.

That's what I did. Nothing. But I should have been up....should have been doing something besides nothing.

But, now I have to get going, get up and go to work. This day is gone.

Tomorrow starts a new week, a new chance to get things done, a chance for a new start.

Hopefully I can find second job, find a way to bring in more money.

I'll keep you all updated, have a great night folks!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27: Introductions!

Hi folks, I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday afternoon/evening!

Today I'd like to introduce you to someone. I've only just met her recently myself, through Facebook, and she's only just recently joined us here on Blogger, but she's someone who I believe you'll want to know more about. She's a published author!

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce the very lovely and very talented.............Sheila Parker!

She's written a book called "The Spirit Within", and it's about a girl named Cassandra Blakemore, who has what seems to be an ideal life, and, well, let me let Sheila herself tell you more about it........

"Cassandra Blakemore seems to have the every girl her age wants - college, cute boyfriend, cool friends, loving relatives. Except that cute mechanic and live-in lover Raleigh Nichols is sinking into the bottle. And hitting her. Cassy isn't going to take it, of course. This all too familiar story comes with a supernatural twist that will delight every reader". (picture and excerpt used with permission)

Doesn't that sound really intriguing? I thought so, and today I bought the Kindle version, which you can find here. Or, if you want to get the paperback, you can find it here. Trust me, once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down!

If you'd like to know more about Sheila, she has a blog, and if you want to find her on Facebook, she can be found here and also here. Do her a favor, and like her pages, and follow her blog, I think her book is amazing, and I think a lot of you will think so too! I can't wait to read what she writes next!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26: Best laid plans....

Well, I'm sorry to do this to you again folks, but it's just another short and sweet post today.

My schedule and circumstances do not allow me to write a lot in one post these days, but, I can make a few changes, and get back to writing something worth reading lol.

As it is, tonight is Friday night, our heaviest freight night, so I will be busy. However, I am off tomorrow, and I do plan on making an effort to write a much more detailed post on what has been going on with me, and let you guys know how life is for Perth these days, so look forward to that.

I've got to finish getting ready to go though, so I will bid you adieu.

Have a great night folks, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25: Busy, busy, busy....

Hi folks. Just a short update post today, it's way past my bedtime lol.

As I mentioned yesterday, today is payday for me, and so I had a lot of running around to do. I got to visit with my best friend today too for a few hours, which was fun, I loved every second of it.

Tomorrow things will calm down a little bit, and I'll be able to post more, but for now, I need to head to bed, I DO have to work tonight!

Have a great afternoon/evening!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24: A good day

Hi folks, and welcome to day 24. It's almost the end, but I believe that this writing challenge did what it was supposed to got me in the habit of writing every day, so I see no reason to stop once the month is over. It's nice being able to update you guys every day on what's going on, or just on anything I feel like sharing.

Today I did my usual stuff, I slept, twice this time, once from 4 to 8 a.m., and then from 2 until 7 p.m., so I feel refreshed and ready to go to work tonight. And boy am I glad it's going to be Thursday by the time I go to first break, because that means it's payday. There's lots of things I need to buy, and I need food, so tomorrow morning is going to be busy.

I don't have as much money as I'd like to work with (but who does these days?), but I also have a birthday coming up, my youngest daughter is turning 10, so I'm going to get her something special. This time last year, I was not working, so I missed out on getting her something for her birthday, and I intend to make up for that this year.

That's what's going on for me today, tune in tomorrow for an update on something else that's been in the works, and what I'm doing to deal with it.

Have a great night folks!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23: I have a fever......

Well, here it is folks, Day 23, and I've come down with a fever.

I'm totally sick, and I don't know if I it will ever go away.

You see, I'm stricken with Farmville Fever.

That's right, that pesky app on Facebook that will literally flood your wall with posts.

For those that play the game, that's a good thing though, because you can click on those posts, and pick up a lot of the items you need for YOUR game. For those that DON'T play, it's easy to block the posts, in your privacy settings, just look for app settings, and just block the game, and you will never even see a sniff of anything related to Farmville ever again.

For a very long time, I had stopped playing. It had gotten to the point where you had to use real cash money to be able to make any progress in the game, and it was just an endless cycle of growing crops, harvesting, and more or less asking others to "help" with quests and what not, it just got boring.

But a few days ago, a friend got me back into the game, and boy, have they made some changes.

Not only do you have the opportunity to have more than just one farm, but each of the 5 separate farms you get has a different theme, it's pretty incredible, and, very very addictive.

It is so complex now that you could literally spend your entire day in the game, and never get bored, and never run out of things to do.

Now I know it's just a game, on Facebook, and for some, they would rather gouge their own eye out with a spoon than play Farmville, or any of the other "-'ville" games, but if you used to play it, and quit, for similar reasons that I did, it's worth going back for another look.

Watch out, this "fever" I have, it may just be contagious! ;)

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22: Curiouser and curiouser...

Today was a strange day.

I told you yesterday about my sleep being different. Well today, I found it hard to sleep at all, till later in the afternoon. I don't know what's going on, but it might be because of the weather getting cooler. I didn't wake up feeling as tired as I did yesterday, but I've noticed lately that I am waking up a lot like that, tired, and a little bit "creaky". Maybe I'm just getting older, and that's a symptom lol. I'm only 41, that's not old, right?

With it getting closer to payday, I'm running out of things, as it often happens to a lot of us these days. Yesterday I cashed in my pennies to buy myself a loaf of bread. It was only about 2 dollars worth, but it did the job. The bad thing was, I used one of those Coinstar machines, and after it had only counted 25 cents worth, it jammed up and stopped working. Working on overnights has its disadvantages, because no one on overnights is able to fix it, so, I had to wait until someone came in for the day shift (at 5 a.m.) for them to fix it and give me my voucher slips. Something told me to wait until I got off at 7 to do it, but I decided to try it during lunch, and that was the result. I really need to learn to listen to my intuition more often.

I'm also out of tobacco now, but thanks to my landlady/roommate, I will still have some to make it to payday, since she smokes too, and gave me some of hers.

Other than that, things were pretty normal. Oh, I did get to work freight on the general merchandise side of the store last night, that was pretty cool. It's nice to change things up a bit every once in a while, so that the job doesn't get too boring.

Tomorrow is another day off for me, and I have something coming along that, if I get a few things done I need to do tomorrow, I will tell you all about what's going on.

Have a great night folks!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21: Sunday Sleeping Scare

Today was supposed to be good, but I ended up with some very weird things happening as I slept.

I went to bed at 6 a.m., after staying up the whole night (on my night off, something I rarely do), and then when I went to sleep, I woke up only 4 hours later, dreaming about, and craving pretzel rods, so much so that I felt like I was eating them. But that wasn't the scary part.

I ended up getting up shortly thereafter, after dozing for about another half an hour, but then just 4 hours later, at about 3:30 or so, I got the feeling that I was so tired that I just HAD to go back to bed. My eyes were hurting like they would if you sat at a computer screen and stared at it for the whole day. So I went back to sleep, and again, about 4 hours later, I woke up. Only this time I felt like I was chained to the bed, and not from sleep paralysis or anything, but the feeling of being so tired that I could not even move. I can't describe to you the feeling, but it scared me. I don't understand how I could have slept, twice, for 4 hours, and still wake up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep.

Maybe it's something in my diet, I don't know. Maybe I'm not getting enough rest when I DO sleep. I have no idea.

Let's just say that I hope tomorrow is better.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 20: Saturday

Well, here it is folks. Saturday. My day off.

I slept from about 9 till almost 5, which is longer than I usually sleep, but I'm not surprised, because Friday nights at work are pretty busy nights, with a lot to do. So yeah, I was tired.

I had all kinds of plans for today though, that didn't get done, at least not yet. I've only been awake for 3 hours, and the only thing I can say I accomplished so far was to find something to eat, and to do my Facebook app stuff.

Last night I did look for jobs available in my area, and there are several good prospects I think. I'll keep you up to date on how that goes. I may end up having to quit my night job altogether though, as the hours of the day jobs either overlap or are too close to the hours of my current one.

So, things are moving along, slowly. I hope to get a few more changes going in the next few days, to make doing what I want and need to do more feasible. Perhaps it's time to change my sleep schedule, maybe with me sleeping in 2 different blocks of time while I'm off, to better make use of the daytime hours.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19: Not much progress....

So, here it is, Day 19, and I have still not accomplished any of the goals I set for myself.

I haven't even started.

I'm not even going to go into the whys and whatfors, because I already know what they are.

I am obviously not committed to getting them done, otherwise I would have them done already.

I guess I keep thinking that something will come along that will change the circumstances, without my direct intervention, but I have to face facts, and know that that isn't likely to happen.

I have till the end of the month, but there's no time like the present. I have to go to work in about half an hour, so that's plenty of time to go search for jobs.

I will check back with you tomorrow on what I found. Have a great night folks!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18: Business as usual?

Well, here it is. Day 18. I'm happy I have stuck with it this long through the month. And I don't intend to stop.

I don't really know what to say today. It's been business as usual for the most part. But then I guess that's the problem.

If I want to make the changes I posted about the other day, then I have to do something different.

But where to start?

I suppose I could start by checking online for available jobs in my area. Yeah, that sounds good. I'll do that in the morning when I get home from work, and let you guys know how it goes.

That's it for now, talk to you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17: Today, I did nothing

Hi folks.

Today I did nothing but sleep. And I still feel tired.

I fell out last night at 11:30, which messed up my normal sleep cycle, so yeah, I'm tired, now, when I am about to have to go to work.

This too will pass however, and tomorrow is another day.

Have a good night folks.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: Writing, thinking, eating, but not sleeping...It's my day off!

Good evening folks. Perth here again, and today is my day (night lol) off!

I did a lot of what I normally do on my days off. I do a lot of thinking, about whatever idea comes in my head, as you all know, from reading my blog as long as you have lol. I ate, but I have not slept, like I would normally have done had this been a day I had to work. And as you can see, I'm writing.

This time however, I also wrote on the other blog I am an "author" on, Planet Buddha. Click that link, and it will take you directly to the post. Feel free to poke around a little while you're over there, there are a lot of great authors that write some pretty incredible posts, and they are definitely worth reading.

Go ahead, I'll still be here when you get back, and you can read the rest of my post here, and find out what I'm up to. ;)

I am contemplating making some pretty drastic changes in my life. I am tired of feeling like it is at a standstill, and that I am doing nothing more than just "existing". I need to find either a better job, or a second one, because the one I have right now is just not cutting it. I want to get out and do things, and most of the time, that is not possible, because I have only just enough money each payday to buy the gas I need to get to work and back for the two weeks in between. So something has got to change.

I'm also thinking about writing a book. This blogging every day has gotten my creative juices flowing, and while right now I am undecided on whether I want to write a fictional story, or a "memoir" of sorts, telling the story of my life from my own perspective, I know I really want to write something.

The problem for me has always been having the motivation, and the commitment to doing something to see it through. I have had lots of ideas over the years, and in the beginning, I've felt very passionate about them, but I never committed myself to doing any of them long enough to get anywhere with them.

That is about to change as well.

Life is too short to just sit and "exist". I'm bored, unhappy, and the only one who can fix that is me.

I will chronicle my attempts to commit myself to these tasks here, as I go, I feel it will help me to keep them in the forefront of my mind, and to keep those creative juices, and the motivation, going.

I welcome any advice and support any of you can give, especially if you have been in a similar situation. If you don't feel comfortable saying something in a comment, feel free to email me at the address there on the sidebar.

Thank you all, have a great night!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15: Halfway through, but now I'm on a roll

Today marks the halfway point of NaBloWriMo, and I have to say that it's been easier than I thought to post something every day.

I've even been thinking of continuing to post daily after the month is over.

I mean, how hard can it be, right?

I find it really odd that I can communicate so well with people in person, but then when I am online, whether it be here, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social medium, I clam up and say almost nothing at all.

I mean really folks, you should see me. I almost always talk too much in person, just ask my friends, who are too kind to tell me to shut my pie hole lol. But yet here, online, I am usually very reserved, and quiet. Why is that?

I think a lot of it for me is that there is no feedback. No one says anything back, in real time, well, not often anyway. And even if they do, it's not the same. Maybe I am just a really "audible" person, maybe I have some mental block that prevents me from talking unless I can hear something in return. Because let's face it, it isn't the same when you talk to yourself.

In person, I always have a lot to say. Well, not ALWAYS, but often. So why can't I do it HERE?

It's just going to take time, for me to find out what the problem is, and fix it. I want to be more forthcoming online, I want to be more like I am in "real" life.

Any suggestions or comments on this that any of you have would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14: Cop out post of the year

It's day 14, almost halfway through the month, and since I can't think of anything to say, I'm just going to say that I DID post, even if it is the "cop out" post of the year.

Maybe tomorrow's post will be better.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13: Return to Oz, and a few other tidbits

Today is my day off.

I went to sleep almost as soon as I got home, it was a pretty tiring night at work last night. Nothing unusual there, Fridays are always our busiest nights. I had 2 people working with me though, and neither one of them was very familiar with the dairy department, so I was constantly having to tell them where things were, what boxes of freight went to which department, and so on, so it was more tiring than usual.

When I woke up, I watched the movie "Return to Oz" for the first time in years. It came out in 1985, and I saw it then, but I don't think I've watched it again since. It was Fairuza Balk's first "big screen" movie, when she was only 11, I found out, kind of cool, considering the blockbusters she's starred in since becoming an adult. I would have never guessed that she was the same girl who played "Vicki Vallencourt" alongside Adam Sandler in "The Waterboy", or better yet, Nancy Downs, in "The Craft". What an incredible actress.

It's funny how we see things as children, and how much different those same things look when we are adults. I guess we learn more, and so we notice things we wouldn't have as kids, but still. Sometimes I think it's the "wonder" that's gone, the ability to believe in things that we "know" are not real. It's a shame we don't carry that to adulthood, I think it would serve us well.

I think back to some of the other movies I saw as a kid, and have seen since, as an adult, and the result was much the same. I just didn't get "into" the fantasy of it, or get wrapped up in the "world" that was created on the screen. Now, I notice when there are really bad (or really good) special effects, when there are huge plot holes that are never filled, and when the acting is less than spectacular. I don't see the movie as it is a real story happening "live", like I did as a kid. I see a movie, a temporary distraction. Nothing more.

I'd like to think that I have a pretty good imagination, but it seems that when we grow up, and start having to deal with everyday life, we forget how to feel like we're really "in" a story, in a movie, and I think that's what has happened to me.

I still enjoyed it however, Return to Oz, and if you haven't seen it before, or haven't seen it in years, I encourage you to watch it, it's a very good movie.

Talk to you again tomorrow!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12: My life is the same, but I have a request

I don't know what to say today. It's been the same as nearly every other day.

I go to work, I come home, I mess around online a bit, I sleep, I eat, and go to work again.

Things at work are a little different though, I've been "volunteering" to take on extra work, things I see that haven't been done yet, and, I have gotten closer to a few of my coworkers. It's nice to find I have real friends at work, not a lot of people have that.

I did want to say something here about my closest friend Bella. She is going through a really rough time right now, and tomorrow is going to be even tougher for her, and I wanted to ask everyone to keep her in your prayers. I have never seen one person who has had to deal with so much all at once. So please, any comforting vibes or healing energies you can send would be great.

I will see you all again tomorrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: Happy 10-11-12!

Hi folks. Today is 10-11-12, pretty cool, huh?

I was going to write about why and how dates like that happen, and the history and all, but you know what?

Forget all that.

Let's just say it's awesome, and celebrate!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10: Waiting

Today I did nothing but wait, and sleep. Wait to go to work tonight, wait till I can get paid.

It's been a long day. But tomorrow will be better.

I'm going to have to look for a second job. I've been completely broke for almost a week now, and that's just not going to work.

It's almost time for me to leave for work, but stay tuned, tomorrow is another day, and soon, I'll be describing what I've done to move my life forward. I have to take action, sitting here waiting for something to happen won't accomplish a thing.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 9: I'm a member of the "Nascar Nation"

So today is day nine, and since 9 starts with "N", I felt it fitting to write about me being a fan of Nascar, and in particular, of Jeff Gordon.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking, "here we go, another Gordon fan, ugh...", but, the reason I am a fan of his is quite different than most people's.

You see, I started watching Nascar at about the same time I started working on cars for a living, sometime in the 1995-96 timeframe. During that time, Jeff Gordon was on a tear, winning 10+ races a year, and pretty well being a contender in every other race that he didn't  win lol. So of course, I assumed that he was one of the best drivers on the circuit.

But here's the "different" part. I found out, when I started researching his career to find out where he gained his experience, that he and I are the same age, he just a month and 2 days younger than I. And at the time, he was the youngest driver out there, so, of course I HAD to root for him, and I have ever since. It's my way of racing vicariously through him, since I never had the chance. I barely even knew what Nascar was growing up, let alone have my parents have me racing go carts at the age of 5, like Jeff Gordon.

I'm also not what you'd call a "rabid" fan. I respect the fact that every driver, well, most of them, who can get to that level are fairly skilled drivers. As a matter of fact, unlike most fans, I don't feel like "my" driver is the best driver out there. Nope. He's number 2. To Tony Stewart. That guy can drive anything with wheels and win with it, and has the championships and trophies to prove it.

I can also say I like several other drivers, however not for their accomplishments on the track, but for their personalities, and their attitudes. Matt Kenseth comes to mind as one of them, as does Mark Martin. They may not have a things to fill a stat sheet with, but they are the kind of guys you'd want to let your daughter marry, because they know when to be aggressive, when to back off, and more often than not, they are respectful to the media and other drivers, even when they are visibly upset over the outcome of the race.

Overall, I can say I am more a fan of the sport itself, rather than any one driver, save Jeff Gordon. I am happy to see him win, of course, but I am equally happy to see anyone else win, should I feel they deserve it. There are a few "cheaters" out there, and they have shown on more than one occasion that they will indeed wreck someone else to get the win, so if they DO win, even legitimately, I am not overjoyed. I will not name any specific names, but suffice it to say that one driver in particular, who in my opinion is one of the "cheaters", shares my Polish heritage, much to my chagrin.

All in all however it's a great sport, and while yes, it DOES appear to be just "guys going in circles", there IS a strategy to it, there is a lot more going on than the untrained eye can see, and I find it to be very captivating.

Here are a few pics of a few of my favorite driver's cars, and a few of my favorite tracks where I like to see them race. Also, if you've never watched it, and would like to learn more about Nascar, here's a link to, the perfect website for you to find everything from A to Z about the sport.

Enjoy the pics, (all of them courtesy of, except where noted otherwise) and I'll talk to you again tomorrow!

Jeff Gordon, not a bad looking guy for 41, eh?

Jeff Gordon's car

Tony Stewart, who by the way is also 41 lol.

And here's the car Tony drives.

Mark Martin, at 53, the oldest full time driver on the circuit, and the one who many feel deserves to win a championship before he hangs up his helmet.

Matt Kenseth, who just won last weekend's race actually........... Talladega, my favorite you can see in this pic, it's a very  wide track, and the cars sometimes even go 5 wide.......and it's also a very long track, a 2.66 mile "D" shaped oval.

Aerial view of Talledega
(Got this one from my own pc, don't remember where I got it, and I've seen it in several places on the internet, so I'm not sure who to credit, but just know it's not MY image.)

Dover International Speedway, in my home state of Delaware.
It's exactly a mile long, and very fast, I once saw a race where the winner lapped everyone up to 4th place.
That's almost never done these days.
(Pic courtesy of Chad's Fantasy Racing Blog)

Bristol Motor Speedway, in Tennessee.
It's only a half a mile long, but it's not short on action, the fall race run at night is sold out every year.
(Pic courtesy of

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8: Thinking out loud

I sat here all morning wondering what I was going to write about, and then it dawned on me..

I don't really have  to have a specific thing to write about, if nothing comes to me. I can just write; in a way, just think out loud.

And boy is there a lot to think about these days. They're telling us the economy is getting better, and yet we the "little guys" still don't have any more money. We shop at stores we would rather not, because the prices are the cheapest. There was a time when we didn't shop on price alone, but now it seems it is the only way to survive.

Then there's the upcoming election. Never before have we seen such close scrutiny of every word that comes out of the candidates' mouths, not to mention the fact checking, which of course always turns out to favor the candidate of your choice, and make the other guy look like a spawn of Satan. Add to that the social media sites we have as so much a part of our lives, and it makes it hard to tell what is real and what is fake. It's gotten ridiculous. Sometimes I think having access to the internet everywhere we go with it being on our phones and such is just too much.

However, one thing I do think that is good is the fact that we can now have contact with anyone in the world, no matter where they are, in real time, as if we were right there with them. I've met some great people online, some of them half a world away, which is something that 20 years ago was just not possible.

I mean, when else could you be sitting around, doing nothing at all, and then, because of a comment someone left you on another friend's link on Facebook, could you find something totally awesome like this?

That's a computer, stuffed into a model of a Star Wars Imperial AT-AT. Impressive, if I say so myself. Here's the link to the website with all the details, from the person who made it, there are other "mods", as they are called, there on the site as well. This is the kind of thing you might never hear about in a million years, if it weren't for the "magic" of the Internet.

And that's why I hope it never goes away. There's a few drawbacks to it, yes, but there are so many good things about it that it just unthinkable to be without it. Sure, we CAN live without it, make life simple, live off the land, like days gone by, but I would argue that progress was slow in those days, because very little new information was exchanged from people not in one's immediate family. If someone lived too far away, you just never heard from them, except when they were in town. Today, we exchange information almost instantaneously, all around the world, and as a whole, I think we are all learning more because of it. I think we NEED it, because being isolated, and enjoying a "simple" existence might be nice, but it also means you cannot "better" yourself in the process, and grow as an individual. Because we now have access to many different cultures and traditions, much can be learned, and I think slowly but surely, there will be less and less bigotry and there will be more understanding and cooperation between peoples of all nationalities, and yes, religions as well.

So while I sit here, thinking out loud, somebody in Tibet can here me. Or maybe Nepal, I've always wanted to go there.......but come to think of it, a piece of me CAN go there, if someone in Nepal reads my post..............what a thought. 

I wonder what they're wearing in Nepal these days.........

Well, while I go Googling for Nepalian attire, you guys have a great day, talk to you tomorrow!

Mt Everest, the tallest mountain on Earth, which is in Nepal, ironically.....I didn't know that until I Googled  Nepal, how about that? Isn't the Internet great?  lol

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7: Seven days and counting.....

Here it is, the seventh day, one full week of posting every day. I'm glad I got this far, and it's getting easier every day.

All you have to do is post something, anything. You can do it anytime too, this is great! It doesn't have to be NaBloWriMo, it really can be done any time you want to do it.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the month brings, but I'm looking forward to writing every day....hope you'll join me and see what happens!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6: Sleepy Saturday

Hello folks, and Happy Saturday!

Saturday is one of my days off, and today, I slept. I've been going to bed much later than I should have in the last few days, and it caught up with me. It felt good to get a full 6 hours of sleep though, which is the longest I ever sleep at one time usually lol.

I don't have a lot to say today, it just feels like a day to relax and recharge.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 5: Oh, and I'm also a Trekkie

Yesterday I told you about my love for the British TV show Doctor Who. Today I'd like to tell you about another favorite show of mine, called "Star Trek". 

Everyone knows the history. It started almost 50 years ago, back in 1966. Every episode began with the words "Space: the final frontier....these are the voyages of the starship...Enterprise....", and thousands of people, millions perhaps, have been fans ever since. I was not lucky enough to have been born when it was new and first broadcast on television, but as I grew up, Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Uhura, Checkov, Sulu, and the rest of the cast became a part of my life as I watched the reruns. They made several movies, starting with "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"; I mean, that goes to show you how big Star Trek was, even back then, as they were able to get away with using that  as a title. No fluff, no attention grabbing drama, no "we're going to encounter a big huge alien object that eats everything in its path", nothing, just, "The Motion Picture". Pretty amazing, if I say so myself.  But I digress. Every one of the movies lived up to the show's penchant for drama, amazing aliens, cliffhangers, comedy, I mean this "sci-fi" label just doesn't cover what this franchise is all about. 

There have been 5 spinoffs of the original show since it ended in 1969, and with the exception of the animated series, I have seen just about every episode of every one of them. Well, ok, not "Enterprise", that one went off the deep end after the first season or two, and I lost interest. It was supposed to be a prequel, telling the story of the captain of the very first Enterprise starship to leave earth orbit and start exploring the cosmos, but it fell flat on a lot of key "Star Trek" ideas that people had become accustomed to, and in my opinion, was a lot of times pretty boring to watch. If I had to pick a favorite of the spinoffs, I'd have to say it was Next Generation. I really liked the character "Data", who was an android who aspired to be human. Like Spock, in the original series, who was a Vulcan and therefore was not supposed to have  emotions (which of course he did, and showed it more often than the human characters at times), Data, being a machine, did not have emotions, but in his exploration of them, and in his observations and subsequent attempts at mimicking the humans, he really showed how emotional and "human" he really was. 

Actually, you know what? I can say there are aspects of just about every single (main) character on every single Star Trek series that I found appealing. For example, Worf, the poster child of what it is to be a Klingon, honor, duty, and above all, the consummate warrior, with his proclamation of "perhaps today IS a good day to die!", and Geordi, with his "VISOR", he could see things in a way no human could, but would have rather given anything to have normal eyes. Deanna Troi, half Betazed, who could sense emotions in others, but was oftentimes overwhelmed by her own. Captain Picard, the ever stalwart leader, diplomat, and warrior in his own right, who, in his own mind, was just as unsure and in need of others to help him as the rest of the crew. Riker, second in command, but always "Number one" to Captain Picard, always wanted to sit in the "big chair", but never could find it in himself to leave the Enterprise and those he cared about, because what he really wanted was to wait until it was his turn to command the Enterprise, because he understood how special that ship and crew really were. Or how about Quark, of Deep Space Nine, the Ferengi who was by nature always driven to make a profit, but who often knew when duty and friendship were more important. Or Captain Sisko, at first reluctant to take command of the station orbiting such a remote and war torn planet, who ended up instead becoming that planet's fiercest advocate, and indeed fought for Bajor as if it was his own home. Or how about Flox, from "Enterprise", arguably the most intelligent and learned man on board, who diligently went about his duties, never looking down on anyone for their mistakes, never giving away the spoilers, but allowing his crew mates to have the experiences he knew would enrich their lives. From "Voyager", Harry Kim, an ensign on his first assignment, suddenly finding himself 70,000 light years from home, we get to see what true homesickness is all about. Or the Talaxian "Neelix", a refugee taken in by the crew, trying to find a way to fit in. 

And don't forget about the villians. The Cardassians, the Borg, the Romulans, Species 8472, the Klingons (enemies in the first series, fragile friends in all the others), each and every one of them showed us what the darker side of our own humanity could be like if taken to extremes. One of my favorite villians is the Borg Queen, who shows us that there is a certain logic to a "collective consciousness" form of existence. But, we also see that using that collective consciousness to feed the lust for more technology and power as a singular goal is shortsighted at best, disastrous at worst. Taking away the individuality of the members of that collective is, more often than not, much to the detriment of the collective as a whole. 

So many characters, so many stories, they were all so wonderfully written, and the amazing performances by the actors who played them really brought them to life.

If I had to pick just one favorite, the one character that is head and shoulders above the rest in my own personal opinion, then without a doubt it would have to be "Q". Here's a being who can literally do anything he wishes, he has power over space, matter, and time, and uses that power quite often for his own amusement, toying with any and all beings he sees as lower than himself, which is pretty much all of them. However, many times, he appeared when he felt there was a lesson to be learned, a warning to be given, and while the humans saw him as a force to be very cautious of, and most often, one who was untrustworthy, I never really saw him as a "villian". To me, he represents what we ourselves may one day become, although, hopefully, without such a penchant for amusing ourselves at the expense of those less "evolved" than us. In another way I think, yes, he is meant to portray what we might consider to be a "god", but yet, even he is really nothing more than another entity who inhabits this vast universe, more powerful than any others, granted, but still, not exactly  a "god". Perhaps his character was meant as a stab at organized religion? Interesting thought, don't you think? What if our "gods" are indeed just like this "Q"? Not "gods" at all, but merely another type of lifeform, beings that just so happen to be higher on the "evolutionary scale" than we are.........

THAT is the magic of Star Trek, each episode, each character, each story, they make us pause for a second, they make us think, they make us consider the possibilities; they show us all the different aspects of our own personalities, all the while entertaining us with amazing special effects, laughter, suspense, and oh so many emotions.

A few years ago, the series was yet again "relaunched" with the making of the movie aptly named "Star Trek". It was the story of how Captain Kirk and the rest of his companions first became the crew of the Enterprise, but it was set in a completely different timeline from what the original series had portrayed. It had all the very familiar aspects of the original Star Trek series, and the catchphrases and nuances of the original series' characters, but it was a completely different story than anything we had ever seen before. And it was wonderful. I have watched that movie 6 or 7 times this year alone, it's that good. The new actors reprising some very iconic roles had HUGE shoes to fill, and they all did it, incredibly well. You don't have to have even heard  of the original series, or know anything at all about Star Trek to love that movie. J.J Abrams is the man. One of the best directors, ever. And now I find out that they are in the process of making another  movie, called "Star Trek: Into Darkness", I can't wait to see what he brings us next!

They just keep going, those voyages of the Enterprise, into our possible future, because that's what it was, in the beginning, a voyage into our imaginations, of what MIGHT be, what COULD be, and above all, it let us explore what it is that we hope that we WILL be someday.......not just in how far we go, or what species we meet, but in how we can grow and learn to become more than what we are, or, as Captain Picard put it, "material gain is no longer the driving force in our lives........we strive to better ourselves, and all of humanity".

Yes, I'm definitely a fan of Star Trek, it's great entertainment, of course, but there's another reason. Because I believe that if we can imagine a better world, we will inevitably create it. The more Star Trek we make, the more we imagine how our future could be, the more we will make it happen. Remember the "communicators" from the original series? You know, that thing Kirk always talked into when he wanted Scotty to "beam" him up? Yeah, that. 

The cell phone you hold in your hand today, and could not live without, was inspired by that fictional "communicator" device.

I'd like to leave you with some of the final words of Captain Kirk as captain of the Enterprise...........

" them, and our posterity, will we commit our future. They will continue the voyages we have begun...boldly going where no man, where no ONE, has gone before....."

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4: Are you a "Whovian"?

Today I thought I'd try something a little different, and talk about one of the greatest shows that has ever been on television.

That's right, I'm talking about Doctor Who.

For those not familiar, it is a sci-fi/drama/fantasy show produced by the BBC about a man from a planet called "Gallifrey" who is known only as "the Doctor", who travels through space, and time, righting wrongs, saving civilizations, clashing with various hideous and disgustingly evil villians, and, well, being pretty marvelous. His spaceship is called the "Tardis", which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. He has two hearts, and, when he is close to death, he has the ability to "regenerate", which results in a complete change in his appearance. This means that each time he regenerates, a new actor must take the role of the Doctor, something that no other tv show or movie I have ever seen has ever done. It would take me a very long time to spell out all the nuances of the show, and to describe exactly what it's all about, so if you're interested in knowing more, here is Wikipedia's description of the series and a lot of very good information on Doctor Who.

My earliest memories of the show are from when the Doctor was in his 4th incarnation, played by Tom Baker, but the one that I remember most, and is one of my favorites, is the 5th Doctor, played by Peter Davison. I liked the clothes he wore, and the way he would sort of brush his coat back and then shove his hands in his pockets. And there was just something about him, the "youth" he brought to the role, and compassion, something the prior 4 Doctors did not have in abundance, but it suited him well.

What I like the most about this show is that each man who has played the Doctor has added his own distinctiveness to the role, and while each one is decidedly "the Doctor", each and every one of them has really had their own personality, which to me is amazing. You don't have to have watched all the prior episodes of his other incarnations to know that this man is the Doctor, you may have only seen a few, or you saw it years ago, as I did, and even today, he, at his core, is still the same. I believe the writers have done an incredible job over the years of keeping that continuity.

The show has gotten even better since its relaunch in 2005. At first, I had misgivings about how they could make it work, after so many years of being off the air, I mean sure, the original series ran for over 25 years, from 1963 to 1989, so there was a lot of material to work with, but, you never know. The fact is though, that's the beauty of Doctor Who. Absolutely anything can, and often does happen. He and his companions can literally go anywhere and any "when" they want to, and it leaves you dying to see the next episode, because it never gets boring. Whether it's ancient Egypt, or the planet Skaro, you know that when the Doctor shows up, there will be excitement, danger, and surprises.

Everyone's got their "favorite" Doctor, and for a time, so did I. But I have to say that since the new series has been on, I have gotten a new appreciation for each one of his incarnations, and the subtle, or sometimes not so subtle differences each actor brought to the character, all the while each playing the same man. The writers in this new series have shown a lot about how he really feels to be himself, and what it feels like to him when he does regenerate. I think the greatest line he ever spoke was when he said "It feels like dying......I die, and another man walks away." That alone speaks volumes, as the regeneration is not only of his appearance, but of every cell in his body, so it is understandable that the brain would also undergo a drastic change, resulting in an almost completely different personality. For all intents and purposes, he really is another man, while retaining the memories of all his prior incarnations. That's what makes it so special to me. There are so many possibilities of what he can be, it's mind blowing.

So, are you a Whovian? What's your favorite thing about the show? I for one love the science of it, the exploration and explanation of time, and just, well, that there's no end to the possibilities. Oh, and where else have you heard that a major fan of a show, a person who idolized his favorite Doctor (Tom Baker, 4th Doctor) as a child, was able to grow up, and get to actually play the role of the Doctor himself, as an adult? Yup, David Tennant did that, he became the 10th Doctor, and, even more ironically, he married the daughter of the 5th Doctor. Talk about wibbly wobbly, timey wimey eh?

I leave you with a picture of all 11 Doctors, all wonderful actors, and each of them, distinctly, the Doctor. And a few other pics from the show. Oh yes, and by the way, he does seem to appear he gets.......older.....only a Time Lord can, I suppose lol......

The Tardis

A Dalek, one of the Doctor's arch enemies.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3: Imagine, and then believe

Today I am thinking about imagination.

I'm imagining a universe where there are no limits, where nothing is impossible, unlikely maybe, but not impossible.

I'm imagining thousands of different lifeforms, some humaniod, others, well, not so much. Energy lifeforms, beings of all shapes and sizes. Some encompass the size of a planet, while others are smaller than a grain of sand.

I'm imagining a universe where time is not a straight line, but is rather like a big ball, with past, present, and future all happening at the same time, and that there are beings out there that can see time in just that way, experiencing every moment of time in a fraction of a second, and yet to them, it seems there is no such thing as "time" at all.

I'm imagining humans one day realizing that they are not just bags of meat crawling on the surface of a relatively small, blue planet. I imagine them reaching out to the stars, exploring their own galaxy, discovering many other worlds, and the creatures that live upon them. I imagine them finding their true existence, as beings of spiritual energy, and then seeing the universe in a way no physical being could ever see it.

The things we could learn, the incredible amount of information that is yet discovered, I imagine us driven to always find out more, to better ourselves, to become more than we are. I imagine the whole of creation, out there for us to discover, never ending, there is no one being that knows all. We will learn together, as a collective, sharing the things we discover, and always striving to see more, do more, and be more.

I imagine that one day, we will break free of ourselves, our lust for material gain, our petty differences, and our mundane everyday lives, and start to imagine what's out there, and what possibilities await us, if we only believe.

It has been said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge", but I'd like to amend that, and say that "Imagination leads to knowledge".

If you can imagine it, you can believe it's possible, there is no law that says something can't be possible. Our thoughts create our existence, so what you believe becomes what you can perceive. Believe in your imagination, and there's no telling where it will take you.

*Pic courtesy of*

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: What's with "NaBloWriMo" anyway?

It's day 2 of NaBloWriMo, and what I want to know is where that complex abbreviation came from lol. It actually stands for National Blog Writing Month, and my question is, why not just call it "NBWM" for short? It would be a lot easier to type, right? Did combining those letters make it sound like a word of some sort? Trust me, you don't want to write in in all lower case either, because then it looks like this: Nablowrimo. Not blow rim what? It's interesting how things turn out when you say them out loud, just as they are written, but in all lower case, or, as you'll see later, if it's in all caps.

There are several other similar abbreviations out there, denoting other months of the year where some sort of writing is to be accomplished over the course of a month, such as the ever popular NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, and several others that I did find earlier, but have somehow been lost to me in the vast reaches of the interwebs. Oh, I remember, one was "NaBloPoMo", short for National Blog Posting Month. Now that one is a real tang twuster, I mean twong tister, er.....tongue twister, there, whew. But hey, no matter how hard it is to say, it's really fun to be able to talk like a Judoon every now and then. (Bonus points to anyone who gets that not so subtle reference to my favorite television show, that is named for a person who is usually in a medical profession......but the main character is decidedly

But I digress.

My first thought was that perhaps those that "coined" the term took a lesson from the U.S. Military. Let me give you an example. This is one that I saw on a very official looking document when I was in the Navy 20 years ago: COMNAVSURFLANT

Wow, what a mouthful. Anyone have a guess as to what it stands for? It's Commander Naval Surface Fleet Atlantic. Yup, it's official business from the top dog of the entire Atlantic Fleet. Now, if you were to take that same abbreviation, and abbreviate it further to only use the first letter of each word, you would get this: CNSFA. That just sits there, flat, and doesn't really "pop" like a good 14 letter abbreviation does. Say it out loud, and it just sounds like you have a runny nose. "SNISFA!" And if that's not bad enough, what if there is another department in the Navy, or, say, even in another branch of the military, that happened to have the same 5 letters in succession? Then you'd have a real problem on your hands, trying to decipher which orders came from which department or branch, and it'd really gum up the works. So, I'd say the longer version  works much better.

So the long abbreviation for National Blog Writing Month? Sure works for me, because if we used "NBWM", well, then we'd all have to write about the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Go ahead, Google "NBWM", and see what comes up first on the list.

I rest my case.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day One: Write every day for a month

So it's begun. NaBloWriMo. Write every day for a month. It doesn't matter what I write about, I just have to write.

I had ideas of writing my first post about a list of the things I would write about for the month, but then I thought that maybe I'd change my mind if different things happened that I'd want to write about, so I'm not going to do that.

Then I thought I might start out by talking about the month of October, like about where the name came from, and significant events in history that have happened during the month, but then I thought, no, this is not a history blog, it's MY blog, so it should be about things that are about ME.

So ultimately, what I think I'm going to do is to just write what comes to mind, which means I could say anything, I may even write about a good meal I've just had, or an interesting experience at work, or I might write about my favorite TV show or review a movie I've seen that either appealed to me or that I found to be terrible.

You never know what you'll see here, but you WILL see a post every day this month, I guarantee it.

Happy October everybody!