Sunday, March 6, 2011

Working, cooking, new goals?

The last time I posted I was just learning of my potential job change.

Well I'm happy to report that it did in fact happen, I am now officially a stocker. It still seems a little weird to be going in to work to do that instead of maintenance, but that "weirdness" is wearing off in a hurry, as the pressures to work the freight and get things done keeps me pretty busy. I like working frozen/dairy, it's completely different freight every night, and I like how the shift seems to go by in half the time it felt like it did working maintenance.

I was given my yearly evaluation at work last night, and got a 40 cent raise that will be effective starting the payday after my anniversary date, which is the 8th of April. So, altogether, by then, I will have had my pay raised a total of 60 cents, adding in the 20 cents for the job change to frozen/dairy stocker. It's sure been nice to get 2 raises in less than a month lol.

On other fronts though, as my life at work gets better, things have gotten worse. My ex has gotten mad again, because I told her I was not going to come and move in with her when she moves, so she decided to threaten me again, this time with actually filing for divorce and coming after me for child support. In her words, "so your check will go to me". Right. Like THAT'S going to happen. Not in THIS state missy, they have RULES here, and they are not dictated by YOU.

The other thing that is really getting my goat is that where I am staying right now, with my friend  (and his girlfriend, and now her mom has moved in), I can't cook. Anything. I'm basically not allowed. His girlfriend is a Nazi about "her" kitchen, and she doesn't want anyone to do anything in there, not a thing, only SHE is allowed to move anything, only SHE is allowed to cook anything, or she throws a tantrum. Her mom found this out just the other day when she decided to boil some water to cook something, and her daughter raised holy hell about her having the eye of the stove on, and cooking when she wanted to put her groceries down that she had brought home from the store. Now I get that it is her house, her name is on the mortgage, but really? No one else can cook anything but her? Does she not care that other people might have to eat?

I've been living with this for a year now. Eating only prepackaged dry food, or whatever small cold stuff I can fit on the one shelf in the fridge she will let me use. Yeah, she's anal about that too, nothing but her stuff can be where she wants it in the fridge, oh and don't move anything. Seriously, I don't think I have ever met an adult that is more selfish than this girl. I am not one to normally complain, I am a very easygoing and compromising person, hence my 18 year relationship with my ex. But this is ridiculous. If you let someone come and stay with you, AND they are paying you rent, then they should have the ability to cook just as much as you do. End of story. But that's not her. And talking to her about it does no good. She insists that she wants it to be HER way, it's HER house, so there is no negotiation. Seems I've gone from one dictator to another. And I'm ready to break away. I want out of here, I want my own place.

Sometime soon things are going to change in a big way, already I feel it happening. I'm getting tired of the same old routine of my life, I don't DO anything, I have nothing to write about here that's different, you guys must be getting sick and tired of hearing about the same subjects all the time. I read others' blogs, and they post recipes, book reviews, tips and tricks, all kinds of things, and I don't do anything but talk about me me me. My thoughts, my ex, my job, it's ridiculous. How much can you read about the same old thing before you get bored and stop? Not long, at least in my opinion. I need to do more with my life, learn something new, try something new, and then write about it, and see where it goes. I'm restless, have been for a few weeks now, and I'm sure it's because I want a new challenge, a new goal. So watch for me to find one, or two, or ten, the sky's the limit.


  1. I could not tolerate living in a place I could not cook, I would go crazy!

    However, you needed a place to go last year, and they provided you with a place to live. Granted it is not ideal, but you were not out on the streets. Now that your life has taken a new direction, it is time ( or getting close to time ) for the next phase, which will be to move somewhere else, then you can cook with abandon!

    Everything happens for a reason, you know this. The next step will present itself when it is time, never fear.

    As far as your ex, she is nothing but a bully who is trying to get her way by using scare tactics, which you also already know, so do not even let that phase you. You know her style, just let it roll off you. As you said, there are RULES!

    Great post!

  2. Adam I love your writings they are very good.
    Your ex is an idiot, I have one like that as you know.
    Living in that kind of situation would frustrate me as well we have mini battles here as my husband loves to cook so we battle for the kitchen.
    As far as your job goes GOOD FOR YOU!!! YAY
    Keep sharing your heart, soul and mind I love it.