Saturday, June 11, 2011

Energy is Love

We look into each others' eyes

A connection is made, a bond is forged

There is a flash, an exchange

The energy flows

No words are spoken, there is no need

The communication....the sparks, nearly visible, fly quickly

The emotion, the sheer depth of it, too great to contain

We are swept up into space, our bodies left behind

Our energies swirl, coalescing, intertwining

Two become one in a dance of sparkles, of light without boundaries

The universe open, nothing unseen

We bathe in the essence, we swim in the strong, so pure

We'll feel this forever, eternally, today.....this energy has no perceptions of time

A whisper is heard, a mutual thought, the energy itself putting words to feeling......



  1. This is so beautiful

  2. Fantastic poem!

    Also... I'm afraid I never received the message you sent. I commented back, but you might not have seen. Thank you for following me, by the way :D