Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello, and welcome to my mind..........

This is my new blog I intend to use much like Rayden's Rants was, as a place for me to put whatever thoughts and opinions come to mind.

My thoughts and opinions at the moment are that I am relieved I finally got around to starting this new blog. My Journey of the Stag Warrior blog will now be only the chapters I write about my journey, while this blog will be a hodgepodge of everything else. I'm not holding anything back, I'm writing anything and everything this time. I have been so horrible about posting because I am not happy about how things will sound, or how they will be received, and blogging is just not about that. I have said in the past that I would write, that I'd write everything, no holds barred. But what did I do? Just go right on doing the same thing. Not writing.

Not this time folks. So buckle up and hang on for the ride. Some days the ride will be smooth, some days rough. But I promise you, it WILL be a ride. In other words, it will not just sit here. The Stag Warrior does not Stagnate.

It would be nice too if I could get something done on the computer without constant and continuous interruptions, but such is my life at the present moment. So if my posts don't seem to be coherent, so be it.

Anyway, here it is, my new blog. Kinda echoey in here, I'll be padding it soon.


  1. Yay I am so glad that you started this, and it looks awesome! You did an excellent job!

    I look forward to reading lots from you!

  2. Hey Ray...coming from one who holds very little back herself (as you all know!)...I look forward to reading your new blog...come the dirt!

  3. Yay, moar blog!

    I'm days away from starting a new one myself, for the same reasons.

  4. Blessed be and I look forward to blogging with you :)