Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a Beautiful Blogger!

Hi folks, nice to see you once again!

Just wanted to stop by and say a very heartfelt thanks to Simon over at Songs from the Wood, as he has bestowed upon me this blog award.

I appreciate this so much, I haven't posted much lately due to what's been going on, and I am happy that he feels I am worthy, even in my silence.

I thought I might do this a little differently, as it seems that everyone I would have liked to have given this award to has already received it. So, what I think I will do, is to give 7 things about myself, and maybe add on a few more, just to spice things up a bit.

The first thing that is first and foremost in my mind is of course the fact that I moved out two weeks ago, well, going on three now. Life is full of change for me at the moment, and I am learning first and foremost that it's ok to start over, even when one is pushing 40.

The second, and altogether random thing, about me, is that I secretly wish that I was Jim Carrey, he's so hilarious.

Let's see, number three. I like to build plastic models, mostly aircraft and ships, and not those sailing ships either, mostly naval vessels that could/can move on their own.

Number four. I always wear a watch, I feel naked without it.

Number five. I have 20/600 vision without my glasses, so, unless I'm sleeping, I am always wearing those too.

Number six. My brothers and I (three of us in all) each have a large freckle on our left forearm that is in the same spot, but our sister doesn't have it. We call it the genetic freckle. Our father said he used to have one too, but it has faded with age.

Number seven. Before this life is over I would love to try ski jumping. It seems to me to be the closest a human can get to flying.

Number eight. See, I told you I would add a few! Blogging has been so much more than I ever thought it would be, and I'm glad I have you lovely people reading about my life, it makes one feel like there are others  in the same boat.

Number nine. There is a saying, that as I embark on a new phase in life rings so true for me, and that is.......

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!!

Thanks again Simon for the award, and to every single one of you reading this, you too are a Beautiful Blogger!

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