Friday, March 12, 2010

Pavement pounding, day one

How do folks?

Today I went out and pounded some pavement looking for a job, with a different attitude than before. Sounds stupid to say, but I have to write this down somewhere. I felt like something just clicked in me last night, as my BFF told me I was being an ass over a phone call fight I had with the shrew. Well, she didn't say it like that exactly, but either way, it made me think about my whole outlook on the situation, and that maybe I should have a completely different attitude. I could say that I can't believe I didn't see how stupid I was being before, but I CAN believe it. I was here, lol. I saw the whole thing. Too much BS, too much FEELING, not enough THINKING, and very little DOING. Everyone else already knows and does what I just last night figured out. And knowing that leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. But I don't have time for feeling bad, or thinking about woulda coulda shouldas, I'm just getting up again tomorrow and doing it all again, going and pounding pavement looking for a job. Then maybe I will actually find one. I'm done being emotional, feeling like I want things, because all the universe has brought me for my trouble is more "want". That's how it works. Tell the universe with your energy and thoughts that you "want", and that's what you get. So now my energy says "job", and so maybe the universe will respond that way, and I'll get one.

Anyway I just thought I'd come by and let everyone know how it's going, and to say I hope everyone had a great day! Ttys!


  1. Hey..

    Just to let you know I have presented you with an award. Check in at Songs From the Wood if you would like to know more.


    I believe:
    'Energy flows where attention goes.'All the best with the job hunt.

  2. Good luck, positive thinking coming your way!


    ps I've got a Greenman giveaway over on my blog if you are interested?