Sunday, June 6, 2010

Negotiations have been set

Well folks, it's finally happened, just when it should have, as they say.

I've opened negotiations with my wife.

We plan to meet in a neutral location and discuss the terms of a treaty. A treaty that will ensure equality among our two peoples, and forge a new bond of trust and mutual benefits to both parties. We've been at war for nearly 3 months now, and the emotional casualties had mounted till I had had enough, and decided that it was time for a diplomatic solution.

That diplomatic solution will entail a detailed discussion of the rights and responsibilities of both people, with an emphasis on equality and two way communication. Furthermore, it will be stated that no one person will be given absolute power over the other, in case such absolute power should corrupt absolutely and turn that person into a tyrannical dictator, which was the main cause of the aforementioned war.

Some of the other key points to be discussed are the future plans for the consolidated empire, specifically the location in which that empire will be ultimately permanently stationed geographically speaking, as well as the possible educational opportunities afforded our offspring. There will also be a lengthy discussion over financial issues, as no empire, country, or principality can survive without adequately accounting for incomes and expenditures, with a proper "checks and balances" system in place to ensure that fraudulent or frivolous activities are kept to a minimum.

These discussions have been laid on the table, and both parties are willing to negotiate. Let us hope that we will come to a mutually beneficial agreement, and that the treaty can be signed to end the hostilities. In these perilous times, with the economy and the awful state of the Gulf of Mexico, we need more alliances like these to strengthen the union of this great continent.

May all turn out well in the end.

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