Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life according to me

I've been feeling like writing something for a while now.

This is a topic I feel I am far from an expert on, but here it goes....

Whenever life is good, we have a tendency as humans to flow with it, enjoy it, and revel in it, but not to tell anyone else how great we feel so that they can share in it. But we don't do that, we more often scream bloody murder wherever we can when things are "bad" in our opinion. Most oftentimes, in our interactions with others, we see the negative in people's lives, the "oh woe is me, look what's going on NOW....." that you hear every day you go to work, or talk to someone at the grocery store, here on Blogger, just about everywhere.

The reason I've mentioned this is because I am one of the guilty ones, especially when it comes to writing in my blog. If you look back over my history, the posts come few and far between when things are good, and almost daily if things are bad. And the real kicker, what I consider "bad" is really not that bad at all, considering what I have read and heard about from others. I have been blessed to have good health, myself and my family included, I've had no major accidents for as long as I can remember, and even when the weather in this area turned bad and many lost their homes due to flooding, I was unaffected.

Now granted, one could say that tomorrow may be different, and yes I'm sure it could, but my point here is that I really don't have a bad life at all, and never really have. I am aware that it is useless to compare my life to the life of ANY other person, as we are all on our own path, but while I am traversing my own path, I can't help but see the plight of others and wonder why for so many years I thought that I had "problems".

Some of the earliest memories I can recall, from about age 3-5, were of things that scared the daylights out of me, and most of the memories from all of my childhood, including into my early adulthood, are of things that I found to be either traumatically "bad", or made me feel excessive amounts of fear. These memories shaped the person I turned out to be as an adult, until very recently, i.e. the last year or so, but to look back on all of it, I'd have to say my life up to this point has been very mild.

My point (or points) in all this is that I have discovered, or should I say I believe, is that the way we live our lives here in these physical bodies is for the most part mapped out ahead of time, before we get here, and for most of us, this life is not our first, nor will it be our last. We choose our lives with the help of our guides, to learn life lessons to help us achieve spiritual enlightenment, and depending on the lessons we choose to learn, we choose challenges for ourselves to overcome as we live that life to facilitate learning those lessons.

Basically what that mouthful means is that the life you are leading right now may very well be the life you chose to lead. There is an element of free will of course, after all we are not just mindless automatons, but for the most part the people and situations in your life may be there because you were the one that chose for them to be there, to help you to learn what you set out to learn this time around.

In my case this means that this life I am leading is the one I felt would best teach me what I wanted or needed to learn this time around, so I feel good knowing that no matter what happens, it is happening exactly as it should be. So looking back on my childhood, and remembering what made me what I am, leaves me with a sense of my life having a very structured step by step process towards a goal, one thing follows another, till at some point the desired results are hopefully achieved. Provided of course that my liberal use of free will has not so deviated from the plan that it has become unsalvageable, in which case, I believe, I (my higher self) would then abort this attempt at learning the lessons, and choose to try again in another life.

This is just my rambling, putting thoughts on "paper", so take it with a grain of salt. But for me, it sure does make a lot of sense to say that whether things are "good" or "bad", it is supposed to be that way. And furthermore, the things I see happening in other people's lives, whether "better" or "worse" than in my life, is happening for the exact same reason, so there is no comparison to be made, no questions as to why, only that it is what it is, and the only question to be asked is "What can I (we) learn from it?".

So maybe I should write more when things are "good", as those experiences are in no way less important than the "bad", and can teach just as easily.

I choose to learn from my experiences, and from those I see in other's lives, how about you?

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