Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The park

In my last post I told you about the state park I've been visiting on a daily basis, and I thought I would post some pics so I can share what a beautiful and serene place it really is.

It's called Bledsoe Creek State Park, and it's only 7 miles from where I live, near Gallatin, Tn, northeast of Nashville.

A pic of the "wildlife viewing" bridge/path in the picnic area. This is the same pic I have on Facebook as a profile pic.
I really see it as symbolic of me finding the right path to be on.

This first picture shows where I started when I first went to the park, on the viewing path, observing nature, and I found immediately that it was a place that I would want to come back to, on a daily basis, and having this so close to home just makes it so easy. I leave work a little after 7 each morning, and by 730 I am barefoot and in shorts walking the trails, wading in the creek, or just sitting, experiencing mother earth in all her splendor.

There are actually several creeks in the park, and the one you see in these pics is called Raccoon creek, which is odd actually, because I think raccoons are about the only creature I've NOT seen since I've been going.

View to the right at the end of the path

View to the left

I've taken some pics along some of the trails, but I can't really describe where they are in the park, as you might imagine they wind through the forest much like the creeks do, so they are basically all over the map. Here are some pics of some of the things I see and do while I'm there:

I sometimes sit here, at the base of this tree, the roots are sorta like the arms of a chair. You can see the trail to the right, and the wildlife viewing path/bridge/pier in the left background.

I see these ducks pretty often, I've been told they are called mandrakes, these 3 just walked up to me one day as I sat , I'm guessing they assumed I had food, which on that day I did not, unfortunately.

I see deer just about every day I go, and this one was good enough to pose for a pic. That electrical box you see on the right is feeding the park office I assume, it is behind me and to the right from where I took this pic.

This is a pic of the creek where I wade most often, or sit, on those rocks, all the way on the right there's a particularly large and flat one that makes a good seat, and the creek flowing by my feet feels really good. The "road" you see in the right foreground is actually a part of a paved path that winds 3 miles throughout the park, with no vehicle traffic access.

These are just a few pics, I will be taking more in the future, but I hope these have given you an idea of the beauty of the area, because for me, there is no better place to be to connect with mother earth.

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