Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 Days of Truth, Day 13

This post is supposed to be a letter to an artist or band that has gotten me through some tough days, and while I can say I use music to process emotions sometimes, more often than not these days I hardly listen to music at all, except for one band, whose name is Apocalyptica. They are unique in that they are a "metal" band, but they play cellos, a traditionally classical music instrument. If you've never heard of them, here's the Wikipedia article, and if you'd like to hear one of their songs, you can find it here on Youtube. Keep in mind when you listen that the sounds you are hearing are being played by cellos, a double bass, and a set of drums, and nothing else. I find them amazing, and I think you will too.

Dear Apocalyptica:

I wanted to write and tell you how your music has inspired me. I've never heard music of that type come from an instrument that is mainly used in a classical music playing orchestra. Your sound is amazing. Before I ever heard your music, I had a love for the sound a cello makes, but now, I can't listen to your music enough. It gives me energy, makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. If I'm feeling down, I just listen to "Somewhere Around Nothing" and I always feel better. That's saying something for a song with no lyrics. There haven't been many artists that I can say that about, but you are one of them. I have had a desire to learn how to play the cello myself for many years, but hearing your music has made that desire become much stronger now, as your style of music is what I wish to learn to play. Thank you for showing me that music like that is really possible.

Thank you for creating such wonderful sounds, and for giving your gift of music to the world.

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