Monday, June 6, 2011

Hooray for weekends!

Today might be Monday, the start of the week for most, but it's the start of the weekend for me!

I had a pretty good night at work, we got done with our freight pretty early, and then worked a bunch of backstock that went out pretty well. It's a good feeling to see the shelves full when I leave in the morning.

I don't have any concrete plans for my weekend, other than doing some cleaning up around my room. I am going to troll the internet for available jobs in my area, just to see what's out there right now. Never know what might turn up.

I've got one of those e-readers, the Nookcolor, from Barnes and Noble. It has been giving me issues trying to connect it properly to the wireless net here at the house, ever since I got it back in March. I figured it was a problem with the router or something, but I had not called customer service about it till yesterday. They walked me through a few tests, and determined that it's defective, and they're sending me a brand new one! Isn't that cool!

It's a really cool device, almost like an Ipad. You're supposed to be able to get on the internet with it, which mine won't do here at home, but it will connect and go to the internet everywhere else I go that has wifi. A lot of apps are coming out for it, most if not all of them for less than $5. You can really use it like a mobile computer, especially if you add in a micro SD card. I've got an 8 gig one in mine, and saved some movies to it. Works great if you're out and about and need some entertainment for a few hours. Of course it also has the books, right now I have 72 of them on it, downloaded from Barnes and Noble's shop app. The great thing about most books is that they are strictly text only, which doesn't take up a lot of space. With those 72 books installed, I'm only using up about 70 megabytes of the 5 gigs of onboard storage it has, which I think is pretty impressive.

Oh, and did I mention that every one of those books I got for FREE? They have a database of almost 2 MILLION free books, and I mean I have barely browsed a tenth of that, and downloaded 72 books. It's amazing. There's fiction, non-fiction, self help, you name a category, and I bet they have a book about it, totally free. And then there's the ones that cost money, but so far, most I've seen are $10 or less, still a fantastic deal. You can also get magazine and newspaper subscriptions, transmitted to your Nook as they are released, provided of course you have it connected to the internet. 

I really want to be able to use it in place of a laptop, to keep important files with me, and have something productive to do when I'm not home. So hopefully when I get my new one it will connect to the wifi and allow me to browse the internet and upload files, without having to physically connect it to my PC. Everyone's got these touch screen "smart" phones and mobile devices these days, and I am really far behind in my "tech" know how because I haven't had such devices, or, in this case, the one I have isn't working properly. 

But I have now done something to fix the problem, rather than settle for less than what I want. I'm paying more attention to my thoughts, and I find that a lot of times I don't do things because I figure I will or can do them later, and that's not always the case. Plus, I forget sometimes. So what I did was to think twice, and decide to do whatever I usually put off till later...RIGHT NOW! 

I never labeled myself a procrastinator before, but I'm pretty sure I've got a chronic case. Too many things get put away "till tomorrow", and then NEVER get done. 

This weekend, I'm going to find some of those things, things that got thrown aside, and get them done. I'm not even sure what they'll be yet......but I'm sure I'll find plenty in the stacks of paperwork I have, and in just "stuff" I have in boxes and bags here in my room. I'll find plenty to do, and in the process, might get things a little uncluttered. I've got until Wednesday at 10 pm, time enough to get quite a lot done.

Hooray for weekends!

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