Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What if?

Life is a journey, that much is certain.

What is not clear is how that journey will be perceived by the one taking it.

Is it to be seen as a series of events, randomly occurring, or as a carefully laid out plan with definite goals and objectives?

What if this life is only one phase of a larger, grander scheme, a much more complex and wondrous journey spanning many lifetimes?

What if the people we meet, and those we call friends, are not just here with us in this lifetime, but have been with us in many others? What if, while they may take a different path, still choose to be a part of this life with us? Even if it's just by being a "friend" on the social networking sites that are available to all of us in this age of technology? Former loves, friends, mothers, fathers, children, all of them might be here again to be with us.

What if the universe, the cosmos if you will, is not what we perceive it to be? What if it's really a lot smaller than we think? What if those stars we see are not so far away at all? What if just seeing them brings them "to" us?

What if the reality of our existence is so much more than we can perceive? What if we are really much more than we can possibly imagine? What should we do with that knowledge?

What if, that is the question, and the answer, in my humble opinion, is that the possibilities are endless, anything is possible, if we just open our minds.

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