Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday 1/11

Today looks like one of those "I'm going to be left alone for the most part" days. I did have to get up and take all the kids to school, but I came back home and took a nap, which I am sorry I did now. I feel like I am just getting up and starting my day. I had been up, helping the kids get ready, had breakfast (chocolate Cheerios are the bomb by the way) and then drove all of them to school. This operation takes 3 different trips though with 2 different schools, and 3 different scheduled arrival times.

Anyway, now that I'm home alone, yes, wow, I can say that. Alone. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. So quiet.

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  1. I did the whole driving the kids to school thing on Monday too, although, I only had one school and one kid to drop off. And now, I'm alone in the house again, until Friday. It's so quiet, which I love... but the loneliness can get to one after a while.