Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday night

Hello again folks, nice to see you. It's been one heck of a day, I don't even remember what I told everyone this morning, so if I repeat myself, I apologize.

I was feeling really restless this morning after I posted, actually it was more early afternoon. I wanted to get up and go outside and do something. I found that something when the women and 2 of the children got back from church. I went out to greet them, not because I was happy to see them mind you, but because I knew they had been to the grocery store, and there is this alarm bell that goes off in the in-law's head if I nor her husband come out immediately when the vehicle pulls up to help bring in the bags. It's one of the many "drop whatever I am doing, no matter how important it is, and help her" sort of things I have learned I "have" to do.

Anyway, I went out to help, and found a rather large sheet of ice on the driveway right where the truck was parked. See, we have been "dripping" our water pipes since this cold weather has been upon us, as none of the plumbing in our house is insulated, and of course we have all been through what happens when pipes freeze, so I don't have to tell you why we do it. The pipe that goes to our garden hose is the one that made the ice, and I felt it was high time I got rid of it. So, I spent a few minutes outside breaking up the ice with a sledgehammer, gently, and then shoveled it over into the yard. All in all it was a very good way to work out my restlessness.

Well I came inside after that, and almost immediately, my daughter's friend comes to our door asking me to replace the tire on her mother's car that I had put the spare on yesterday. Now something had to have been wrong with her spare, one of those donut ones, because as soon as I had put it on her car, and she went to back out of our driveway, the tire released all of its air and proceeded to come off the rim on the front side. Today she had purchased a new tire on the full size wheel that I had taken off yesterday ( it had cords showing, and a piece of the tire had begun to come apart) and I put it back on her car.

Let's see, what else. Oh I was still itching to be outside later in the afternoon, so I went in the back yard and just walked around a bit, just soaking in the outdoors, and nature. Well what nature there is in a back yard in a suburban type city I live in.

I ate dinner with the rest of the family which I don't do a lot, mostly because there just aren't enough seats at the table. Don't ask. We had homemade vegetable soup, which was good, and very warming. They had "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" on tv, and it was a good one, about a 12 year old that raises money for cancer patients, and she herself has an incurable immune system disease. Obviously an indigo child, or maybe crystal? Either way, a girl wise well beyond her years.

So, I spent some time outdoors today, which I desperately needed, and then when I came back inside there were a few things to do, and when I finally got back to the computer for more than 5 minutes, it was almost midnight. Oh and then the dishes, yeah, no one had done them yet, so of course it was time to do those. (Insert page from the shrew here). I don't know how I manage to contain myself sometimes with her, she is unbelievably unreasonable and uncompromising. But there is part of me that says it's me, and how I should look at it from her perspective. Maybe I'm being too selfish. Maybe it IS me, maybe I'm the one who should change my attitude. Could I be wrong in the way I think? IS everyone else right? What if I am a lazy bum?

All very valid questions. If I really DON'T pull my own weight, and DON'T have a job after 13 months, doesn't that make me a lazy person? I might just be kidding myself. Sure, I don't think I'm lazy, but how many people would be willing to admit that? I do spend much of my day on the computer, but I'm constantly getting up to do things I am asked to do. But maybe that's it. I'm being asked (and sometimes flat out told) to do things around the house, when in fact, I should probably do more of those things WITHOUT being asked. So maybe it's me. I am the one with the problem. I try to do things sometimes, but then I run into another problem. Getting harassed because the "thing" wasn't done "right". What's the point in trying if what I do is constantly criticized and I am berated for doing things wrong, or my personal favorite, in their timeframe. Oh yes, certain things apparently MUST be done exactly when they (and when I say they I mean the women of the household) say they must be done. Stuff that in most people's minds doesn't have a regularly allotted time to be done, just needs to happen at some point during the day. For instance, say the kitchen floor needs sweeping. Is there a certain time of day that a floor MUST be swept by? Not in my opinion. But gods forbid if it isn't done within oh an hour or so of the in-law noticing it needed it. Sorry, if you wanted it done that bad, then maybe you should have done it yourself, instead of taking the time to sit and watch to see how long it would take for someone else to do it. Just so you can bitch later that no one "bothered" to do it. Good one, let me see, yeah, looks like you didn't "bother" to do it either.

Ok I think that's enough of that for one day. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully I can find a job, so I can get away for a few hours of the day, I think that alone would help tremendously. Thanks for stopping by, and talk to you again real soon!

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  1. While I think it's important to improve your own self, so too do I think it's important to BE yourself. Yes, we could all probably show more initiative in our day to day. But add on to the fact that even when you DO do things, it's then criticized, or not done in a timely fashion, etc, etc, I think there's less of a problem with you, and more of a problem with who people are expecting you to be.