Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, here I am again. It's funny how easy it is to write often, once I got up the gumption to do it.

I woke up to the sounds of children and adults getting ready for church, as they do every Sunday, and of course this requires "outside" voices which wake up everyone else in the house. I checked out my email, and Facebook, and then got myself a donut. A plain cake donut, my favorite. Thanks everyone for your comments on my last post, thank you for listening. It's again freezing outside, and for some reason, when they redid this house right before we moved into it, they decided that carpet in ANY room was not an option, so ALL the floors are freezing. The heat is going constantly, but does it make the floors warm? No. So I have to wear socks all the time, and most of the time shoes, because I just can't stand for my feet to be cold. Sucks. The in-laws. What were they thinking? I don't know. To each his own I guess.

It's gonna be another chaotic day I'm sure, once they get back from church. So many kids, so many adults who just have to have things their way and in their timeframe. I am just along for the ride, with my voice not being heard. It's frustrating to have a lot to offer, and to be ignored, or worse still, to be treated like one of the children. But, get a job, and I'll be gods gift to the world. That's just pathetic and sad. I refuse to allow my situation to determine my self worth, or let others dictate to me what "I" am.

But I'm not going to go on and on about that. Too damned depressing. Maybe I'll just go on about my internet business, take care of the kids, you know, normal day for me. I'll probably check in later today, and add some details about my day, so far nothing is happening. Funny how that coincides with the absence of the female adults. A phenomenon that may require further investigation.

Anyhow, I'll be here later, hope you'll join me, nice talking to you again.

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  1. Ok, you're scary. Plain cake doughnuts are my SECOND favorite, right after plain cake doughnuts with chocolate frosting. My grandpa used to make them every morning when he ran his store, and nothing says "childhood" to me quite like they do.