Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Intent to work, or not?

Today was a pretty normal day in my world. Shrew going nuts over something minor, me going nuts right back at her, pretty standard stuff.

Today I decided to get my mind in the right place concerning my responsibilities. I've been pretty lax in my attempts to get a job, I mean it's been over a year, and my heart has really not been in it. I just read a post by Ryan over at old man sutton about intent, and the major problem I have had in getting a job is the actual intent to get one, it's just not really been there. So of course I have not gotten one. His post really made me think about how I have been all this time, I mean read my posts back and you'll see that I do a lot of talking, but not a lot of acting. Frankly I'm getting tired of it, so I'm sure a lot of you must be too. Yap yap yap, always talking, but nothing's changing.

That stops tonight. And if my intent does not change, or even if it does, but there are no changes, I'm not going to do any more talking about it. Maybe I'll turn my blog into a discussion of the latest movies, who knows, but I am no longer going to go on and on about my life in it's current stag-native state.

Speaking of movies, I've heard "Avatar" is amazing, any thoughts?


  1. I'm not tired of hearing about it, I honor your struggle in the process. I know when you are ready you will do what you need to do. I hope for your sanity though it's sooner rather than later, but it has to be on you. ;-) We're here for you, darlin.

  2. Do it, do it, do it! If you will it, you can realize it. Thanks for the shoutout. =)

  3. Not tired of it at all. I'm seeing growth and am hoping that things really begin working out for you. Get your resume together.