Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finding a purpose

Hi folks, how is your day going?

I want to talk about something I haven't talked about before, and that's the reason I'm here. Not me, the physical body, but my soul, what it is I am here to do this lifetime, what it is my soul decided to experience this lifetime. I firmly believe that our souls, or who we are, have been around for much longer than this particular existence. This time around, my soul decided it would be a good idea to experience the full gamut of emotions, making me be born with a Cancer sun sign, a Scorpio moon sign, and a Pisces rising sign. That's got to be the only explanation, to experience emotions, in their full capacity. Having discovered that, and accepting it, and realizing that I am indeed emotional, I got to thinking, does that make me incapable of thinking or feeling like "everyone else"? I think not. What it DOES do, however, is give me the capability to sense, feel, and "see" emotion, wherever it may be.

The thing is, I feel things, I feel how people feel, no matter how they show outwardly, whether it be in person, on the phone, or on the online chat, this is what I do. This is my "gift". I feel things, and I feel what other people feel, and even what they think, since thoughts are tied to emotions. Being a psychic or an empath like myself has it's pros and cons. You just "know" things. Even with those who think they are "shielded". I know how they are feeling automatically, much to their chagrin. Then there's my life experience. I'm almost 40. I have known a lot of "someones" in my lifetime, so I have learned how people in general are going to think or feel. I've seen a lot in my time, but the thing I can see the most, the thing that really tells me why we are all here, is that no ONE person can experience it all in ONE lifetime. Therefore, it takes a lot of someones to experience everything, a lot of people in different situations, and at some point, and this is just a guess, everything will be known, and we can complete this. 

What I have found out in my present life experience, is that people are pretty much going to be the same in the way they think, and the way they feel. This means that someone like me, in feeling and sensing emotion, that I have found that there are certain trends to be seen, and no matter what the person, in the same situation, they will tend to feel and act a certain way. I pride myself in being able to understand the human condition, because having the chart that I do, it enables me to "see" things like no other human. Arrogant you say? Presumptuous? Yes, maybe it is, but what if it's true? I can feel, understand, and think, and know what people will do. I just know it in my bones, my very being, I know how people are feeling. Does that make it wrong? I don't think so.

I reconnected with a person I love more than life itself about a year ago. This person was put back into my life after 13 years to do what no one else could do, literally. No one else could have done it, because the love I have for them wasn't there for anyone else. I cannot stress this enough, because if it were not for the emotions I have for them, I would not be where I am today. If it was not this person, I would not have cared, I would not have learned. I think this is true for anyone. You can't really learn life lessons from someone who you do not care about. This person taught me how to contain my emotions and think with logic. They lovingly guided me through a serious bout with my ego, leveled me through the self doubt and troubles with "power" issues, and still, through it all, was my constant companion and confidant. I would not have learned any of these lessons if it had not been for that person being there to teach them to me. The thing about it is, I believe I was put back into this person's life for a similar reason, I believe the love they have for me is the same, and I am confident that the lessons that they learned were learned in similar ways for similar reasons. Isn't life as a human ironic?

Then I thought, why not do that for others? Why should they be any different? They are just like me, let's all learn together...

Now I have a sense of connection, one of watching for signs of how to reach out to others, seeing and finding ways to be of assistance, to help people become the beings they truly are. No one is more or less, only at a different stage of development, a different stage of "awareness". Someday we will all see each other as the same, only at different stages, and we'll all help each other become what we can ALL become.

I am here for a reason, just like you. Let's make the best of our lives by making it the best for others.

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