Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Prayer

My Lord and Lady, I come to you this morning a child, at the beginning, today I walk a different path.

Help me to see who you are, to grow, to change, to learn.

Be with me as I go through my day, and give me the strength to stand on my own and begin this journey on the right foot.

Help me as I have many fears and anxieties, I have never done anything on my own, but this is my journey, and I must take it alone.

Help me to see the the sanctity of your nature, and as your child, the sanctity in me as well.

Grant me if you will the ability to control my emotional nature, and my tendency to hide my fears and doubts with my arrogance and my laziness.

I am at the beginning, I am ignorant, and as such will make many mistakes, but help me to see that without mistakes, I could not grow or learn, and help me to not get bogged down in self doubt and misery, as it is my tendency to do so.

I come to you today with my heart and mind in a different place, I am unsure, and filled with sadness over the way I have perceived you, how I have treated you, please help me to conquer those fears, and replace my sadness with the joy of knowing I am embarking on a journey that will lead to spiritual enlightenment.

Help me to feel your unconditional love, and to cultivate it in myself.

Thank you for giving me all you have given me, and for showing me the way.

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