Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here's what's happening.........and what's going on tomorrow.....

Hey folks, how's it going?

Today was a pretty good day. Not a lot going on really, just helped Bella with some house cleaning, watched some TV, and then had a delicious dinner of cube steak, vegetables, and teryaki noodles. Bella's the greatest cook, even when it comes to simple stuff. She made bagels this morning that were out of this world, with ham, cream cheese, and swiss cheese. Very nomilicious lol.

While I'm on the subject of Bella, I have yet to publicly mention how grateful I am to her and Jack for allowing me to come stay with them. They gave me the opportunity that I needed to come back home, and I have yet to find the words to tell them how much it means to me. They have really made me feel at home, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Tomorrow Bella and I are going on an outing, doing some shopping, getting some errands taken care of, and she's going to get her nails done. She deserves some pampering after what she's been through these last few months. We're also going to pick up some more hair color for me, as I'm a few months overdue now, the last time I did it was back in May lol, and it's supposed to be done every 3 months or so. I'm going with a different color this time, but I'm not saying what color yet, you'll just have to stayed tuned and see the pics when it's all done! :)

There's something else. I haven't mentioned it yet, because I wasn't sure how to say it. The broken record of "I'm happy, I feel at home" I'm sure has gotten to be a bore, but this is something different.

I posted some time ago about my feelings on sharing. The sharing I do of my personal feelings in fact. As everyone who reads my blog a lot knows, I have always been very open with my feelings. I put a lot of myself out there for the world to read, or at least the 38 of you who are interested in my life lol.

Things changed however, when I arrived here in Florida.

There is no longer a desire to bare my soul to the world, or to 38 interested parties. That desire was nothing more than a cry for attention, a desire to feel special. To be remembered by someone after they got done reading.

But you don't need to remember me. You have your own life. You read blogs to glean information you can use in your own life, that's what people read ANYTHING for. You read because you want to get something out of it for yourself. That's how we ALL are, it's how we learn. We see that we aren't the only one, we see how someone else did something, but ultimately, we choose for ourselves how we are going to run our own lives. Each of us has our own unique thoughts.

My thoughts right now tell me that sharing all those feelings is not necessary.

Tomorrow is another new day. I have errands to run, and things to accomplish. So now I'm going to bed.

Talk to you soon!

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