Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 23: I have a fever......

Well, here it is folks, Day 23, and I've come down with a fever.

I'm totally sick, and I don't know if I it will ever go away.

You see, I'm stricken with Farmville Fever.

That's right, that pesky app on Facebook that will literally flood your wall with posts.

For those that play the game, that's a good thing though, because you can click on those posts, and pick up a lot of the items you need for YOUR game. For those that DON'T play, it's easy to block the posts, in your privacy settings, just look for app settings, and just block the game, and you will never even see a sniff of anything related to Farmville ever again.

For a very long time, I had stopped playing. It had gotten to the point where you had to use real cash money to be able to make any progress in the game, and it was just an endless cycle of growing crops, harvesting, and more or less asking others to "help" with quests and what not, it just got boring.

But a few days ago, a friend got me back into the game, and boy, have they made some changes.

Not only do you have the opportunity to have more than just one farm, but each of the 5 separate farms you get has a different theme, it's pretty incredible, and, very very addictive.

It is so complex now that you could literally spend your entire day in the game, and never get bored, and never run out of things to do.

Now I know it's just a game, on Facebook, and for some, they would rather gouge their own eye out with a spoon than play Farmville, or any of the other "-'ville" games, but if you used to play it, and quit, for similar reasons that I did, it's worth going back for another look.

Watch out, this "fever" I have, it may just be contagious! ;)

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